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Information Destruction Services, Inc., is a secure document destruction facility serving businesses in southeast Ohio and West Virginia. Established in 1997 under the name Renaissance, we offer secure destruction of all your confidential business records, from magnetic media to hard copies, such as microfiche, microfilm, computer disks, printer paper, documents and reports.

We provide on-site and off-site document destruction, meaning we can either pick the material up at your facility and destroy it at our secure site, or we can shred it on location. In either case, security is assured. All destruction is videotaped, and clients are welcome to send an observer along to monitor the destruction process.

We pick up your confidential paper either on a set schedule or on an as-needed basis. Documents can be provided in any form - in boxes, bags, or in locked containers provided by IDS. There is no need to sort paper, nor to pull out binders, staples, or paper clips.

The document destruction industry has been growing steadily over the past decade as more and more businesses realize not only the importance of confidential document destruction, but also of the significant cost savings. In a recent survey, top executives from 300 companies ranked the security of company records as one of the top five critical issues facing business. When asked which issues required immediate attention and policy development, the security of company records ranked second only to employee health screening.

Services Offered

Off-site destruction

Paper and other materials are collected and returned to the central shredding site where they are weighed on a state-certified scale and then immediately destroyed. The site is a secured warehouse facility; videotapes of the entire destruction process are always available to clients. Shredded material is then bundled and shipped off for recycling.

Mobile on-site destruction

A mobile unit is available to provide document destruction service at your location. Your material to be destroyed is weighed in the mobile unit on a state-certified scale for accuracy before being dropped into our powerful mobile shredder, capable of shredding 1,500 to 2,000 pounds per hour.

Security storage containers

IDS can provide you with secure containers to store confidential material until destruction. The containers arrive fully assembled, with a security slot and universal locking system. Two models are available. The Toter holds about 450 pounds of information, has a locking lid, and is on casters so it can be moved easily from office to office. The AMS security container has a capacity of approximately 100-200 pounds of information.

Notarized certificate of destruction

Upon destruction, a certificate will be issued verifying thorough and confidential disposal. It details the time, the date, and the method of destruction. This certificate can also prove invaluable should your customers or the government request proof that the files were actually destroyed. 

The Importance of Security

We understand the importance of confidentiality for you and for your documents, and our first priority is the security of our customer information. We achieve this high level of security through the following four steps:

1. By keeping the location of our processing plant confidential. Only our post office box is advertised.

2. By offering the most secure destruction facilities in the industry. Our processing plant is protected by a state-of-the-art security system with video surveillance, and a videotape of your documents being destroyed is always available.

3. By incorporating a double-shred document destruction system. This system renders your information completely indecipherable. Once shredded, the information is baled and recycled, making IDS a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way for your organization to dispose of its privileged and confidential information.

4. By employing only the most highly-trustworthy employees. All of our employees are bonded and have signed confidentiality agreements. In fact, everyone who handles your documents at any phase of the process, from pick-up though destruction through disposal, has passed a strict criminal background check. In addition, every employee has signed a strict confidentiality agreement.

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Why, What, When and How Much

Why Shred


  • Certified confidentiality
  • No employee wages to pay
  • No wasted hours shredding
  • Worry-free paper disposal
  • No expensive equipment
  • No dirt, dust, or clean up
  • Security, convenience, privacy
  • Environmental friendliness 

What to Shred

The items below are just a partial list of what we can destroy for you:

  • Financial records 
  • Payroll records 
  • Personnel files 
  • Legal documents 
  • Cancelled checks 
  • Account records 
  • Medical records 
  • All outdated business records 
  • Blueprints and maps 
  • New product proposals 
  • Inventory lists 
  • Confidential correspondence and memos 
  • Customer lists 
  • Tax records 
  • Invoices 
  • Price lists 
  • Plastic credit and ID cards 
  • Anything on microfilm and microfiche 

And more-- ask us! 

When to Shred

Different types of records have different legal requirements for storage. Some must be held for very short periods (less than a month), while others must be kept much longer (up to five years).  A free brochure, listing many more types of documents, is available on request.

Not only does following the retention schedule below save storage space, but it also keeps your business legally secure. In the event of a law suit, Federal Rule 26 requires that each party provide all relevant records to the opposing counsel. By destroying records according to a set schedule, your company can appropriately limit the amount of materials it must search through to comply with this law.

Another concern businesses have is the documents discarded on a daily basis. This trash often contains information that could used against the company. Discarded daily records include phone messages, memos, misprinted forms, drafts of bids and drafts of correspondence. Information Destruction Services provides security storage containers for daily collection of these documents, and can work with you to develop a secure document disposal system that's best for your business.


Why IDS is cost-effective

Information Destruction Services is able to offer its customers the most competitive prices because we get the best prices for our recycled raw material (shredded paper) based on our volume. IDS destroys thousands of pounds of confidential information per month. We offer the security and confidentiality your information requires, as well as the economies of scale to offer the best possible prices.

Why hire IDS?

If you're doing your own shredding or information destruction right now, IDS can save you potentially thousands of dollars. Our corporation utilizes state-of-the-art shredders which yield a faster, more efficient, higher-volume destruction process.

The typical shredder purchased by a business is capable of shredding 40 sheets of paper at a time. These machines shred into 1/4" pieces.


"We would like to say thank you for the fantastic paper destruction service for our financial institution. Recently, a cost analysis was figured on time spent on destroying confidential financial papers. We have found almost 15% of our employee's time was spent at a self-feeding shredder. That is an alarming 6 hours out of a 40-hour work week, times 3 employees or 12 hours a week! In addition to saving time and money, your commitment to confidential paper destruction eases the burden of throwing the paper in the garbage. We now have a safe and efficient way to destroy the paper. Plus an added bonus - it's recycled. Our federal regulations love it!"

--Financial institution

"We struggled for years with our shredding - spending hours over a waste-paper basket shredder. I just didn't feel comfortable having someone on the 'outside' handling our client's information. IDS is more than a shredding service; they are a security company for our confidential documents. With their security containers, our information is secure from the cradle to the grave. They save us money and they save us time." 

--Certified public accountant 


Why should we shred or destroy documents anyway? 

You have a responsibility to keep sensitive customer and employee information from falling into the wrong hands. What's more, it's all too easy to hold on to information longer than you need to. But by planning to eliminate certain data, you help limit your liability in litigation and protect proprietary information. And if you think your competitors wouldn't stoop to going through your trash to find out what you're up to, think again.

We have a shredder. Why do we need you? 

Most office-style shredders take time to feed and usually aren't able to deal with sizable quantities of documents. They also tend to jam if documents are not properly prepared for shredding. Of course you could opt for a larger capacity shredder, but then you're talking about capital investment, maintenance, and service calls. What's more, documents that include financial, corporate planning and employee wage information should not be seen by the office personnel who usually would do the shredding.

With fewer than 10 employees, does it make sense for us to outsource shredding? 

You bet. Small organizations have such limited personnel resources, they may need to outsource shredding more than larger companies. IDS provides you with the most secure, efficient, and cost-effective way to protect your information. And even for companies with fewer than 10 employees, we provide free locked security bins. Whenever you fill it up, even if only once a year, call us and we'll arrange for prompt pickup. 

Doesn't it cost a lot more to use a document destruction company? 

Shredding is one of those thankless, non-revenue producing functions that will eat up your company's man hours. When you consider how much it costs for one employee to do the job, you'll find outsourcing that tedious task to IDS will actually save you time and money, and will allow your employees to spend their time performing other, more productive tasks.